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23 Dec 04:11 pm(no subject)
got - when i look back i am lost
01-26 Doctor Who
27-31 The Fades
32-55 Misfits

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04 Apr 11:11 pm(no subject)
[50] Celebrities Dean O'Gorman(4), Francois Arnaud, Eoin Macken, Dean Geyer(4), Kevin McHale, Gemma Arterton, Gwendoline Christie(2), Natalie Dormer(2), Rose Leslie, Jessica Chastain(11), Karla Crome(2), Melissa Benoist(2), Amanda Seyfried(18)
[110] TV Merlin(15), Misfits(27), Once Upon a Time(8), The Walking Dead(7), Downton Abbey, Fringe(8), Revolution(3), Grimm(2), Skins(5), Elementary(9), Doctor Who(8), Firefly(5), Being Human(6), Alphas(6)
[62] Movies Looper(5), LOTR/The Hobbit(25), Harry Potter(7), Amelie, Midnight in Paris, Hunger Games(2), Scream(2), Wild Target, Never Let Me Go, Lawless(2)


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26 Feb 07:37 pm(no subject)
got - when i look back i am lost
01-30 Haven
31-55 Lord of the Rings
56-80 Misfits

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11 Feb 10:48 pm(no subject)
got - when i look back i am lost
01-20 Disney (Alice in Wonderland & Mulan)
21-30 Lord of the Rings
31-60 Harry Potter
61-85 Misfits

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24 Jan 11:24 pm(no subject)
[20] Misfits made for Round 3 at spnt20in20
+ 5 extras


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†heavy lies the crown
Vidder: hollowkings
Song Title/Band: Placebo's Running Up That Hill
Rating: PG-13
Series: Misfits
Note: dedicated to stainofmylove

20 Nov 11:24 pm(no subject)
[25] Misfits- mostly from episode 4x01


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17 Nov 10:26 pm(no subject)
Jane the Virgin - Jane/Michael - Kiss
8 Once Upon a Time
7 Misfits
7 Glee
6 Supernatural
9 Legend of the Seeker
7 Fringe

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07 Oct 08:52 pm - 30 multifandom icons
cook & effy
movies: sucker punch, the hunger games, harry potter
tvonce upon a time, true blood, misfits

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